Since 1909, Boldrocchi has been highly committed to industrial ventilation and heat exchange.

MEP cooling towers

Cooling Towers - MEP series

MEP series towers are designed and engineered on calculation models and on tested building solutions; they are designed for industrial, continuous and heavy duty use. MEP towers performances satisfy the most common needs...

CMK Industrial evaporative coolers

Cooling Towers - CMK series

Cooling towers, are based on the physics principle of evaporation; they cool small and large quantities of water;
various types of industries use (them) to cool their machinery or...

Cooling Towers and Heat Exchangers Manufacturers since 1909

Some projects

  • Cooling Systems
    Aluminum plant
    Industrial Cooling Systems
    Cement plant
    Cooling Towers - Chemical Plant
    Chemical plant01
    Cooling Systems for Chemical Industry
    Chemical plant02
  • Industrial evaporative cooling systems
    Chemical plant03
    Cooling Towers for food industry
    Food industry
    Cooling Systems food industry
    Food plant

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